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Salem and its ghosts

I was at Salem in a day of terrible rain, certainly not ideal for taking good photos. Salem is now a tourist attraction and I went there not expecting anything special.

The whole city is a place to spend few dollars and make time pass for tourists who have nothing better to do. Nothing is real, just a collection of gadgets and shops for witches and similar. Basically it’s like a Disneyland for witches and fans of the genre.
It was very difficult to get some good photos with the rain and the lack of really interesting subjects, but my wide angle lenses have given me a hand.

Photo gallery: Salem and its ghosts

Now I want spend few words on the history of Salem, which prompted me to visit the place. The city was founded in 1626 on the site of an ancient native American village, but one of the most famous facts of Salem and its history are the witchcraft trials, it all started with Abigail Williams, Betty Parris, and their friends, found playing with glass and eggs.
An almost trivial that unleashed hell.

Salem became famous with many witch trials, including one to Dorothy Talbye a woman mentally ill hanged for the murder of his daughter, at the time the law of Massachusetts made ​​no distinction between insanity and criminal behavior.

In 1790 Salem was the sixth largest city in the country, a seaport really famous, especially in trade with China.

Codfish was exported to the West Indies and Europe, sugar and molasses were imported from the West Indies, tea from China, and pepper from Sumatra.
Ships from Salem have also visited Africa, Russia, Japan and Australia.

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