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Rockport and its port

After Gloucester, during the same day, I was able to visit Rockport, another small fishing village not far away.
Despite the nightmare of the rainy weather, even though I was soaked and worried for my Canon I took a train to get there, Rockport.

I must say that it was worth, it was definitely better than Gloucester, Rockport is tourist place for the wealthy who own a cottage on the rocks of the ocean, a beautiful place.
But it was not always so, at the beginning of the nineteenth century, in fact, the Rockport granite was shipped to cities and towns throughout the East Coast of the United States.

Photo gallery: Rockport and its port

Given that the demand for granite grew enormously during the industrial revolution, the quarries of Rockport became one of the main sources of the foundation stone for the construction of an America booming.

For many years there have been to Rockport a large number of residents of Scandinavian origin, descended from the Finns and the Swedes that having technical skills as miners, migrants, were largely labor force at the quarries. Sometimes the story is really curious.

Rockport, today, seems to have prospered as a colony of artists and artisans. Over the years they had moved into the place because of the beauty of its beaches bathed by the rock, its huts of fishermen, the harbor full of small colorful fishing boats. They stood there, suspended in a very special atmosphere.

A red fishing shack has for years been one of the most famous sites of Cape Ann, the subject of hundreds of paintings and photos.

I definitely could have done better photos in Rockport, but has been already a miracle to open the camera few minutes without get sock.

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