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Portland and its lighthouses

This time I got a train for Portland, the main city in the state of Maine, and I’m again on the train, another trip from Boston, another day purposely away from her, the girl I had come here to find.

I was interested to visit some lighthouses, but stubborn in my wanting to walk, I walked for miles before finding what I was looking at Portland.

However, it was a good day, no rain and a good light, a light window in a heavy rain week.

Photo gallery: Portland and its lighthouses

I am quite pleased with several of the photos I took in Portland, I took my time managing the journey like it please me.

The purpose of my trip was to find an image that struck me, a picture of the beacon of Portland, an idea that had chased me when I decided to proceed with my trip to New England and Boston.

The construction of the Portland Lighthouse began in 1787 on the directive of George Washington in person, and ended January 10, 1791.

They used whale oil lamps for lighting, in 1855 installed a fourth order Fresnel lens replaced by a second-order Fresnel lens in 1864.

This lens system was finally replaced with a aerobeacon DCB-224 in 1958.
The old tower, built in the conglomerate, remains one of the four colonial lighthouses that have never been rebuilt.

After my visit, fortunately, a couple of kind elderly ladies, gave me a ride back to Portland just in time and catch my train back to Boston.
A peaceful end to a day really intense and interesting.

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