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Plymouth and its history

I walked for miles here, amazing, as usual, I took my train to Boston and once at the station Plymouth there was not a single indication on how to reach the main place of interest, a bus stop, or someone to ask.

I walked along the beach, a nice ride, nice shot and I finally arrived in the city center which of course I disappointed me because everything has been rebuilt and nothing is original: a reconstruction of houses and a reconstruction of the boat of the Mayflower Pilgrims.

Photo gallery: Plymouth and its history

Before the arrival of the Pilgrims, Plymouth was a village of 2,000 Wampanoag Native Americans called Patuxet.

In 1605 Samuel de Champlain arrived in Plymouth Harbor, in 1614 AD Captain John Smith explored parts of Cape Cod Bay. After these explorations, two plagues afflicted Plymouth between 1614 and 1617, probably transmitted by the British and French fishermen.
Died between 90 and 95% of the inhabitants Wampanoag and wheat fields were then occupied by the Pilgrims, a massacre probably unintentional.

Plymouth has played an important role in American colonial history. In addition to being the site of the landing of the Mayflower was the center of the colony of Pilgrims Anglicans English separatists that had seceded from the Church of England, believing that the Church had not made ​​up the Protestant Reformation.

Traditionally it is said that the first pilgrims set foot in America at the site of Plymouth Rock, though no historical evidence can prove this assertion, in any case, a good solution to create from scratch a tourist attraction.

The happy ending of the day was that after missing the bus a guy gave me a ride to the train station, just in time, it was definitely difficult to visit the United States without a car, next time I will rent one for sure.

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