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Returning to New York

I can not believe I’m again in New York, my first trip was in 1991 just for a couple of weeks, now it is 2010.

Many things have happened since then, nineteen years ago seems like yesterday, probably the truth is that I can not believe that this long time has passed.

During my trip to Boston and New England I could not miss a short trip of three days in New York.

I had the opportunity to refresh my mind about New York, with my Thai girlfriend, spending a nice weekend visiting the city.

Photo gallery: Returning to New York

Walking along Madison Avenue I discovered that the old Irish pub that gave me and my friend some good Guinness nineteen years ago was gone, replaced by a mobile phone shop.

The state of New York is one of the main destinations for international immigration and is the second largest immigrant population in the country.
New York is home to the largest African American population and the second largest Asian American population in the United States. In addition, it is home to the largest community of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Jamaicans in the United States.

The photos are far better from those made in 1991, but this time the weather was surely not enough, I’ve just barely scratched the photographic potential of the Big Apple.
In addition, as I said, I was not alone but was traveling with her, this is however a kind of limit, even if it is so nice to travel with someone you love, when I use the camera I still need to be alone, just myself, and concentrate on what I’m doing.

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