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Gloucester and its victims

My days in Boston were pretty strange, I had some difficulties with my Thai girl, the weather was terrible also, once again, but I was determined to catch my train for Gloucester going to reflect on the shores of the ocean.

The camera followed me as always, of course, but it was really hard to keep it decently dry in the rain.
Anyway, some beautiful pictures of Gloucester popped up.

Photo gallery: Gloucester and its victims

Gloucester was founded by an expedition called the “Dorchester Company” a group of men from Dorchester, England in 1623.
This date make Gloucester the first settlement in what would become the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The city was an important center in the shipbuilding industry, the community has developed an important fishing port in large part due to its proximity to the Georges Bank, a famous places rich in fish on the east coast of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

In the late nineteenth century Gloucester has seen an influx of Portuguese immigrants and Italians in search of work in the city and a better life in America.
Sea has been, and still is, a very dangerous enterprise.

In its 350 years of history, Gloucester, has lost more than 10,000 men in the Atlantic Ocean, a tribute to the city that has always paid to its waters teeming with fish, but very hard.

The names of all the men lost which are known by name and nationality, are written one by one in the main wall of the town hall, and also on the memorial located in Stacy Boulevard made ​​famous by the film “The Perfect Storm”.

The list over the years has continued to grow despite the precautions and requirements for security, the sea has no master.

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