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Boston’s Granary Cemetery

Founded in 1660, located on Tremont Street, Boston’s Granary cemetery of Boston is the third oldest cemetery in the United States.

It’s the last resting place for many patriots and leaders of the American Revolution, including three signers of the Declaration of Independence and five victims of the Boston Massacre.
Really a place not only sacred, but symbolic and famous.

The need of the site derived, as often happens, by the fact that the land used for the first cemetery in the city, King’s Chapel, was insufficient to meet the growing population of the city.

Photo gallery: Boston’s Granary Cemetery

The site of the cemetery Boston’s Granary was originally part of Boston Common, which then included the whole block, but two years later the portion south-west of the block was used for public buildings, including the barn and a house of correction, while the northern part was used for housing.

Boston’s Granary cemetery was originally located at the rear of the property but a vote on May 15, 1717 it approved the expansion to the east, toward the highway. The extension was made ​​in 1720 when 15 tombs were assigned to a number of families of Boston. This is an exclusive place, where even the dead want to have clear and well explained their social status.

It is a place that, despite not looking for it, sooner or later you will end up finding it, and did not pass by unnoticed.

I must say that I was not expecting something like that, really was a complete surprise to find this green space paved with tombs in the middle of the city center.
I speak of really ancient tombs, people buried there since hundreds and hundreds of years while all around the world continues to flow undisturbed and indifferent.
At the cemetery Boston’s Granary time seems to be suspended.

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  • #4 and #5 are very good; the foreground shadow in the second image is a powerful element, especially when the theme of the subject is considered

    Regards 😀

  • I prefer number 5 as well, nice composition. Number 4 draws me in also, I just wish there was less ground at the bottom of the photo and more headstones.

  • Awesome!
    I was just in Boston and I followed the Freedom Trail and was amazed! I also captured a few headstone shots (they were very intriguing).

  • Paul Revere’s first wife is buried there and a lot of the Franklins. Oh and Sam Adams! My brother in law is head pastor at the Park St church so I’ve eaten Thanksgiving dinner overlooking this cemetery for years. It’s a gem.

  • I’m a big fan of old cemeteries, and I’ve been to that one. The symbols on the old stones are spooky and remarkable. Nice job on those pics.

  • Wow, those are very interesting headstones! I like walking around old burial grounds. Thanks for sharing!

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