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Beacon Hill park in Boston

Beacon Hill is a historic neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, that along with the neighboring Back Bay is home to about 26,000 people.

The first European settler in Beacon Hill was William Blaxton that in 1625 he built a house and its garden on the south side of Beacon Hill. In 1630, Boston was settled by the Massachusetts Bay Company and the south-west has been used for military exercises and for grazing cattle. In 1634 a lighthouse was established on the top of the hill.

Like many places similarly named, the neighborhood is called Beacon Hill because the position of a beacon on top of the highest point in the center of Boston.

The lighthouse was used to warn residents of an invasion.

Photo gallery: Beacon Hill’park in Boston

Today, Beacon Hill is widely considered one of the most desirable and expensive district in Boston, a really nice place in which to take walks or play sports, or simply take tour of bars and clubs.

In any case, wherever you go you can not fail to note that Boston is a city full of young people and university students, this makes it really lively and bright.

The Beacon Hill district is located north of Boston Common and Boston Public Garden and is bounded by Beacon Street to the south, Somerset Street in the east, Cambridge Street to the north and Storrow Drive along the Charles River River to the west.

The hill and the two hills nearby were substantially reduced in height to allow the development of housing in the area, were almost flattened.

In 1955, the place became the Beacon Hill Historic District. It has been the first district in Massachusetts created to protect historic sites and manage urban renewal.
Along years new buildings “environmentally and historically friendly” have been built and old buildings have been renewed.

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