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Beaches in Boston

I went to Orient Heights beach, one of the beaches of Boston, with my Thai girl to spend the afternoon, there was a beautiful sunny weather, but with a cold wind.

We had a great time, she was looking for some shells to gather around and I do some photos.
Perhaps one of the best moments of the whole trip.

It’s remarkable how Boston has to offer so many things to do.

Photo gallery: Beaches in Boston

On the beach we were literally surrounded by seagulls, I must say they were quite an aggressive species, especially if you try to eat something without sharing with them. They started to devour even our chips.

The beaches are quite a lot in Boston, actually is a city surrounded by the sea, despite the heavily industrial past, the port today is very well restored and recovered for tourist with a nice walk along the harbor, nice shops and restaurants are today hosted in the old deposits of port, and a number of public beaches in the suburbs are reachable by metro or by local trains.

Of course they are not tropical paradise beaches but in the summer it please to get out of the city and take a view of the ocean to cool off.

Group photo I love that couple of shots that I did while walking, they have a really intense air, detail.
She was cold so she was wearing my sweatshirt, and I’ll never stop wondering what she was thinking at that moment.

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