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Mont Blanc and the Punta Helbronner museum

After a few days in Valle d’Aosta, here we are enjoying one of the beauties of the entire Alpine chain, maybe of the world.

Today the Mont Blanc massif is definitely within everyone’s reach taking advantage of an incredible panoramic cable way that starts shortly after Courmayeur and reaches Punta Helbronner at of 3400 meters height.

The cable way car ride is divided into two sections (originally it was three parts) and I recommend to acclimatize and stop at the first level for a few hours and then climb the last step.

This is not a short climb but is definitely feasible to cover on foot in a the day starting from the trails at the bottom of the valley early in the morning. The sight and the spectacle will repay every effort.

Foto gallery: Mont Blanc and the Punta Helbronner museum

This is certainly a beautiful experience, although certainly not ‘mountaineering’, in any case if the day is as beautiful as the one I was lucky enough to meet is really worth it.

Impressive, in addition to the journey, is also the museum located directly at Punta Helbronner where you can restore yourself, admire the collection of crystals from the Mont Blanc Massif.

Going up on the roof of the building the panorama is really superb: the alpine glaciers extend everywhere, and you really feel the majesty of nature in perennial movement indifferent to the smallness of humans.

You really would not want to get on the cable way ride back to Courmayeur, but at some point the place has to close for the night and the last run is around 5pm.

Immediately below Punta Helbronner and its museum remains the Rifugio Torino, historic starting point for mountaineering excursions at the top of the summit, if you want to stay overnight, eat and leave for the peak at dawn is in fact the solution par excellence.

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