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Kuala Lumpur and Little India

Waiting in Kuala Lumpur to obtain a visa from the embassy of Myanmar, I visited the Petronas Towers, something which I consider a truly beautiful architecture.
It was not possible to go up, but I really enjoyed exploring around them taking pictures of people who work there.

The architecture of Kuala Lumpur is a blend of old colonial influences, Asian traditions, Islamic inspirations, modern and postmodern design.

It is a relatively young city compared to other Southeast Asian capitals like Bangkok, Jakarta and Manila, most of Kuala Lumpur’s colonial buildings were built in the last two centuries.

Photo gallery: Kuala Lumpur and Little India

Independence coupled with rapid economic growth from 1970 to 1990 and Islam as the official religion of the country, has led to the construction of buildings around the city with a local Islamic flavor.

Modern and postmodern architecture began to appear towards the end of 1990 and the beginning of the year 2000.
With the economic development of the old buildings were razed to make way for new ones.

I was not impressed by the visit to the temple Thean Hou, I find this Chinese places of worship very tacky, instead I thoroughly enjoyed the hours spent in Little India.
Little India is a really interesting place to visit in Kuala Lumpur, especially if you want to eat something vegetarian, of course with all the colors around you is also a good opportunity to take photographs.

You will not regret this place.

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