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Rio Freddo, Mont Malinvern and Valscura in the Natural Park of Maritime Alps

Finally some days of total relax, a beautiful hike in a place I know well, an opportunity to visit the Natural Park of Maritime Alps, the valley of Rio Freddo the huge mont Malinvern, the valley of Valscura.

A challenging two-day excursion walking with main stops in two different alpine refuges.

Despite the backpack weight problem, something have to carry all the time, I did not give up with the Canon 760D photo camera that thanks to the beautiful weather it really was worth to bring it.

I decided that I will repeat for sure similar excursions, in the Natural Park of Maritime Alps, the paths to be faced and the alpine refuges are certainly not lacking of photo opportunities.

Photo gallery: Rio Freddo, mount Malinvern and Valscura – Natural Park of Maritime Alps

Next time I will bring with me not only the photo camera but also the telephoto lens 400 mm  in order to get good shoot of animals I will meet; to reduce weight I might give up on anything but not on that.

We departed from Limone Piedmont to Vinadio, from there to the Rio Freddo valley and left the car before get the path to the alpine refuge Malinvern where we spent the first night.

The next morning a single pull up to Lake Malinvern, after a refreshing break the hardest part of the long path up to 2500 mt. at Colletto di Valscura, from where you can enjoy a really wonderful panorama.

Finally the last part is the descent to the Valscura Lakes and from there to alpine refuge Questa; a fantastic and easy walk along paths and the ancient military road of the early 900’s still beautifully preserved today, a unique engineering work that, although abandoned today, really deserves respect and admiration.

At the end of the day, the surprise, shortly before arriving at alpine refuge Questa, we come across several chamois, which although guarding on us, were really curious.

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