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Ibex in Maritime Alps Natural Parks

This time was more than a walk, at least for a citizen. A climb of more than 1000 meters in altitude from Terme di Valdieri to Rifugio Morelli Buzzi, then further to Colletto del Chiapus at 2500 mt. and down to Rifugio Genoa at 2000 mt.
Actually, at least with our own time, we walk from ten in the morning until eight in the evening, over fifteen kilometers.

And the next day, the same thing,  back to Terme di Valdieri.
The backpack was quite lightweight but I had with me my telephoto lens, ready to immortalize chamois and ibex.

Really spectacular, really nice places,  passing by the marvelous Mount Argentera, kissed by a cool sunshine of September, the last few days before the winter closure of Alpine Refugees.

Photo gallery: Argentera, Ibex – Maritime Alps Natural Parks

We encounter ibex in the late afternoon, descending toward the Rifugio Genoa, a descent that seemed infinite, and they were there quietly eating mountain herbs.

The photographs did not suffer much about soft light, using a 400 mm telephoto lens in those conditions is not easy, but the result is really beyond my expectations.

The good one still has to come, the next day, when we arrived at Rifugio Morelli Buzzi along the way back, several ibex were in front of the alpine refuge, careless of the few people, serenely, even little ones.

Unfortunately we had few hours of light in front of us, and the road to Terme di Valdieri seemed never end, but right along the path we encounter a huge beautiful adult male ibex with two really immense horns.

The last spectacular greetings from our Alps waiting for the upcoming season.

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