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Encountering Genoa images

An opportunity to visit Genoa, a city I obviously already knew, but I always look at it with pleasure. Genoa historic center and Genoa port are really interesting and offer countless attractions.

Aside from the famous aquarium to which you have to spend at least one full day, it is also interesting just turn around and get lost in the city center looking for a good focaccia.

The day was beautiful, the light was great, and for the first time I used my new Canon 760D that officially replaced the Canon 450D now retired after years of honored service.

Photo gallery: Genoa

Developing the photos I have to say that the difference is great, quality is definitely better in terms of how much it is possible to do in the dark digital room.
As you well know, I never exaggerate in retouching picture and I try to get away from reality as little as possible; in any case calibrating lights, shadows, colors, exposure from a Canon 760D file is definitely another thing. However I would like to point out that unfortunately, because of the web compression,  you will not see a big difference between these photos and those previously published.

Because of the commitments and the conference, the hours for photography were few, just  some in the morning and some in the evening.
So I let the photos come to me as I kept walking for the city and its ancient history, without logic, without a search, simply looking and letting the eyes be affected by geometries and colors.

Coming from the orderly and austere Turin, the thing that did not really impress me in Genoa is its chaotic mix of styles and architecture, overlapping, layered, unable to draw on its own organicness and identity. In the same block you can find a 60s ugly building, an old villa, a modern house or a Renaissance Palazzo.
This not only in the suburbs but also in the central area above the port.

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