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Flying to Florence

I took the opportunity to visit Florence, a city I’ve never been to and I must say I was really excited.
I had obviously the idea of the Italian Renaissance, but I never really knew of its beauty and its historical importance until I visited Florence, which is actually the main center.

A city of such beauty that really deserves a stay of several weeks to be able to appreciate and to see at least a part of what it offers.

Above all, I appreciated the fact that the whole city is practically accessible on foot and is really for “human” not just cars.

Photo gallery: Florence

The history of the city embraces more than two thousand years, in 150 BC The Etruscans called it Florentia meanings “fertile” plain, at the time of Emperor Hadrian was connected to Rome via Cassia, under Diocleziano was raised capital of Etruria and Umbria and then passed through periods of Byzantine domination, ostrogoth, longobard during which the population sometimes went down to a few thousand people.

From the 10th century the city developed and from 1115 it became an autonomous municipality, in the thirteenth century it was divided by the intestinal struggle between the Ghibellines, supporters of the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, and the Guelphs, in favor of the Roman papacy.
Internal political conflict did not prevent the city from developing to become one of the most powerful, prosperous in Europe, an estimated population of 80,000 people before the black plague.
Starting in 1437 and for several centuries, the Medici family gathered in court the best artists, literary, humanists and philosophers of the time.

Florence is known as the cradle of the Renaissance: the city is everywhere characterized by the extraordinary literary, artistic and scientific development that took place in the 14th-16th century. Florence, benefited from this great social change constituting one of the most important centers of revival of world culture of the time.
The extinction of the Medici dynasty led to the inclusion of Tuscany in the territories of the Habsburg influence sphere. The kingdom of the Austrian dynasty was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia in 1859 by plebiscite shortly before becoming Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

During the Second World War, the city was occupied for a year by the Germans, but the troops of the New Zealand Army who liberated Tuscany in 1944 forced the enemy to retreat.

The difference with Turin is really remarkable and even though I stayed a whole week and made miles and miles on foot visiting Florence’s museums I would definitely go back to this unique city of charm.

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