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Vens in Valle d’Aosta

Vens is part of the municipality of Saint-Nicolas in Valle d’Aosta, a really lovely place forgotten by time, situated more than 1700 meters above see level consists of 16 inhabitants, and many abandoned houses, remember than a century ago  there were almost two hundred people.

Certainly lives up to the owner of the hotel Vagneur, the family that for three generations manages this isolated and beautiful hotel.

Photo gallery: Vens in Valle d’Aosta

The idea to visit the place came during the search for a place to sleep at night, after a planned visit to Pré Saint Didier, a very unique place that, if I can, I visit a couple of times a year and that I really advice if you want to relax from everyday stress in the warm waters that flow in front of splendid views.

Walking around Vens, getting lost in the abandoned streets, followed by cats, is not lack the opportunity for a series of photographs that I hope you will enjoy.

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