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Piazza Ducale in Vigevano

Here’s another beautiful excursion to discover a masterpiece almost around the corner. One sunny morning decided direction Lombardy to visit Vigevano.

Piazza Ducale in Vigevano was really unaspected, really unique magnificence. I got lost to admire the frescoes along the streets, not to mention the pavement.

I used on this occasion the new telephoto lens in order to capture the details of the frescoes even at a considerable distance, definitely a great satisfaction.

Photo gallery: Piazza Ducale in Vigevano

I spent several hours wandering around the city admiring the historic center, truly remarkable, for sure it worth go up there to admire Piazza Ducale.

The town of Vigevano lies in a strategic position on the edge of the valley of Ticino, near an important ford on the river; the story is confusing but it seems that the Longobarde origins of Vigevano date back to 900, maybe even earlier.

But it was only in the twelfth century that the village was fortified conquering large administrative autonomy.

Later in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with the advent of the lords: Visconti and Sforza; conditions improved immensely. It was in the Visconti-Sforza period that Vigevano reaches its importance as ducal residence and also as a commercial center for the manufacture of woolen cloth and linen.

In 1500, Vigevano ended the golden period of urban renewal that formed its architectural wonders, following years of difficulty with wars and several foreign occupations.

In 1745 the city finally became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia and under the dominion of Savoy industry and commerce flourished again.
In August 29, 1789 the city became the capital of the “Province Vigevanasca.”

After the period of Napoleonic rule, in 1814, the city get back to the Savoy.

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