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Turin and the door with masonic symbols

Turin is a strange, mysterious city, where good and evil merge, where the measure and the balance between the forces of nature and man are constantly changing and is object of attention since thousands of years.
A story that could only be imbued of masonic symbols.
The city of Turin is so full of esoteric symbols, demons and angels, and we have already seen some in this Web site.

In addition to the doorway of the Devil, of which we have already discussed, there is another wooden door very interesting, in Via Alfieri 19, near Piazza Solferino. A large door in solid wood where you can clearly see several masonic symbols like the square, compass, goniometer.
It is said that the palace was built by the masons, but beyond that, it is really a beautiful work of craftsmanship, and it worths finding.

Photo gallery: Turin and the door with masonic symbols

I live few hundred meters from from this building and I could not take the opportunity to capture this door with a few clicks, photos that certainly are few things to show Turin and its beauty.

For the record, in four words without any completeness, Freemasonry is an order for the initiated, who in theory the aim of “improving individual” or in social terms and less selfish and more “improving humanity”.
The name comes from the lineage of Freemasonry by a group of architects, builders, and the legend of Hiram the architect of the Temple of King Solomon but many other stories are told about it.
In fact, Masonry and the Masons, its members, agree together to a secret association of mutual support and moral and spiritual evolution.

This has changed in centuries of history and has been interpret in many ways with thousand of ideas and also significant discrepancies between myth, reality, legend and daily life.

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