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Life and death in Turin

It’s a series of shots taken in Turin in different circumstances, a walk through the various streets of the historic center and a visit to the monumental cemetery of the city.

As I watched these photos of Torino, I immediately realized that they have to stay together, they were opposed and antithetical, but inevitably attracted by each other.

Life, game, fun, clowns, streets, church, religion, tombs.

Photo gallery: Life and death in Turin

This shoots are what makes a life a real life and death its end, concentrated in just a few clicks. The first pictures were made in Piazza San Carlo, one of my favorite places in Turin, followed by via Giolitti and the Church of “San Michele” in Piazza Cavour, ending with some of the tombs inside Valdese section of the Turin’s cemetery.

The historic center of Turin continually offers tips and ideas to make good photographs, certainly does not lack in art and history, but you have to know how to wait for the right moment, get the perfect spot.

In any case, it surprises me when I find the photos like that, when I’m not chasing them but are they that want to be seen. I can see them in a place where until few seconds before I did not see anything. The art of photography is definitely in the eye of the shooters, just partly in technique and technology available.
The eye must be trained, educated, developed over the years, till the pictures start to find you, and that’s where comes the fun part.

You can tell at this point that you have something more, one more gear, something more than normal tourists passing by getting an image, you are already thinking ahead, with a photograph which is not “taken” but “built” thinking exactly the result and only marginally relying on the case.

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