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Turin and Gargoyles

Despite being born and raised in Turin only recently began to know the city. You have not to walk just looking around, you have to move the eye upward also.

The historic center of Turin, in particular the area occupied by Banks between Via Alfieri, Via XX Settembre, Piazza San Carlo, Palazzo Lascaris is full of strange presences: Gargoyles, monsters, devils, they are numerous, it’s disturbing to think that I passed by the very same way for years without ever notice them.

Finally you see them, the Gargoyles have always been there.

Photo gallery: Turin and Gargoyles

Giovanni Battista Borra approximately half of the 1700s did a series of interventions to some palaces in Turin, not all documented with certainty, among these is the famous Palazzo Perrone di San Martino, now Cassa di Risparmio, situated in via Alfieri 7 in Turin, with the magnificent door protected by frightening creatures.
Palazzo Lascaris in Turin was built between 1663 and 1665 by Domenico Bernardi and designed by Amedeo di Castellamonte, in 1803 it was bought by the family Lascaris in 1975 sold to the Piedmont Region who made it the seat of the Regional Council.

Well worth the effort to turn the historic center of Turin and discover, search, see if anyone of them has escaped us. It is not easy but with a little attention with eye toward the windows and ledges you can not fail to encounter different Gargoyles.

The Gargoyles, called in italian “doccioni”, are monstrous creatures of stone that protrudes from the top of the Gothic cathedrals, in threatening company of fellows. Actually they are used to direct the flow of rainwater from the gutters to the ground, preventing the facade of the cathedral and the walls being wet constantly and therefore ruin out.
Within the Gargoyle often are hidden iron pipes that serve as drains connecting the gutter to the open mouth of the animal, so if it rains copious streams of water are poured on the ground just by its gaping maw.

What we see in Turin is different and is unrelated to the churches, are decorations on important buildings.

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    :mrgreen: More will come soon, I hope.

  • Nice demons, etc.! I was really into these a while back. All really good shots, although the contrast looks a little low on #4.

  • I think these are better than your pictures of angels. Good job 🙂
    Just one note – #5 looks to be little tilted to the left.

  • Another great series on a theme. I like your golden rule ” Fill the frame” and you have done that well in these pictures

  • I really like this set! I too like shot 4 and since you are okay w/comments critiques…I’d up the contrast (by maybe 20%) and sharpness (30-40%) on the eyes.
    The whole image could actually be contrast boosted imo – but especially the eyes. I’d want them as sharp or sharper than the teeth.

  • Very cool set! four is my fave as well. Very scary!

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