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Turin rivers Po and Dora fountains

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to photograph Piazza CLN in Turin, once called, by my ancestors “Piazza of the two Churches”. It is not a large square, a minor in Turin, crossed by Via Roma.
The current name is derived from the National Liberation Committee, formed in Italy by the end of fascism.

I do not live far away so I promised myself to do these shots, pictures of the small square and the fountains of rivers Po and Dora.

Photo gallery: Turin and rivers Po and Dora fountains

Once arrived in the Piazza C.L.N. I realized that the problems making the photos I had in mind were people invariably sat on the edge of the fountains, and the light, that I wanted to be consistent and similar for both statues.

Especially this last thing was not easy to solve because depending on the position of the sun and on the shadow of the adjacent buildings. I had to go back a couple of times on the spot.

The two fountains of the rivers Po and Dora Piazza CLN represent the allegories of two the major rivers in Turin: the Po and the Dora Riparia, a man and a woman.
The two statues, very popular among Turin, are two admirable works of the sculptor Umberto Baglioni, and were made in 1937.

The appearance of the square today is due to restructuring and project of 1937, concerning the second part of Via Roma.
According to the original design, the square would have to accommodate two more statues, the Duce and the King, but they were never built.

A note of sad history: during the German occupation in World War II the square was infamous for hosting the control of the Gestapo, located at the National Hotel, now closed and subject to property improvement.

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