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Turin and faces in Piazza San Carlo

is one of the most important squares of Turin the real center of Turin.
168 meters long and 76 wide is embedded within the road axis of the Via Roma, which connects Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Felice.

It is the main place for the historical and social events, rallies, demonstrations, presentations, strikes, concerts; in short, the living room of the city.

Personally it is one of my Turin favorites Piazza’s, especially since many years ago the square has become completely pedestrian, cars are not allowed.

You may have noticed other photos of Piazza San Carlo sparse at this Web site, in fact I often spend a lot of time there because I live nearby, and inevitably I stop, but this time I notice something.

Photo gallery: Turin and faces in Piazza San Carlo – NORTH SIDE

A few months ago I noticed that the windows of the two main buildings of Piazza San Carlo, which overlook the square itself, are adorned with dozens of faces, both human and monstrous as Gargoyles; an amazing fantasy.

I started to take some photos and I realized that, unlike many other palaces such as Palazzo Lascaris where there is a simple repetition of faces along the facades, in Piazza San Carlo these figures were all different from each other, and are more than seventy.

Today, the protagonists are the faces, demons, men or beasts, one of the main squares of Turin it is literally submerged, and also in this case the people passing by barely notice them.
So I decided to proceed with this absurd portfolio and the monster, I photographed them all.

Photo gallery: Turin and faces in Piazza San Carlo – SOUTH SIDE

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