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Turin and the doorway of the Devil

In Turin, in via Vittorio Alfieri, stands an old building, which now houses a bank.
The building has a beautiful huge, solid, dark, carved wood door.

Palazzo Trucchi di Levaldigi, this is the name of the palace in Turin, is a huge building erected in 1673 on design by Amedeo di Castellamonte and thanks to Minister of Finance of the House of Savoy.

The door is decorated with flowers, angels, fruit, but what is really amazing is the clapper in the center of the door: a polished smiling Devil.
All the people of Turin known this door as doorway of the Devil.

The building was also home to the Royal Factory of the Tarot of Turin, and because of the card number 15 the Devil, is traced the figure of the clapper.

The building is not far from where I live, so I waited a quiet Sunday, with no traffic, to capture with my photographs this beautiful work.

Photo gallery: Turin and the doorway of the Devil

Palazzo Trucchi di Levaldigi was built, along with numerous others, all majestic, just in a few years arousing suspicion in the population about the origin of so much money owned by the Minister Trucchi di Levaldigi who played them a good joke: he made mounted the gate in one night. Awakening the curious thought that only the devil could have done such a thing.

In 1790 the building belonged to Marianna Carolina of Savoy; it was prepared a costume party during the carnival with orchestra, dancers and artists.
At the end of the hall was a scene from hell, where dancers were dancing in the flames, symbolizing the souls of the damned.
During the festival took place the murder of a dancer, stabbed to death.
The hypotheses were many, but the culprit was never identified, nor the weapon was never found.

Another strange fact dates back to French rule of the city in 1917, the military occupied the building in Turin.
The major Melchiorre Du Perril, disappeared mysteriously in the Palazzo Trucchi di Levaldigi.
About twenty years later some masons, during works in the building, found in a wall a skeleton of a man who had been buried standing up.

Between legend and reality is definitely a beautiful artifact, so that USA Today, in a service dedicated to Turin published some pictures of the “doorway of the Devil”.

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