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Angels in Turin

Walking in Turin must being careful where you go, it could happen to come across not only in monsters, demons, gargoyles, but also Angels.
Turin, the magical city par excellence is a set of forces of good and evil.

The Angels that I photographed are located in the historic center of Turin, to hold the balcony of the first floor of a strange building on the corner of Via Pietro Micca and Via San Francesco d’Assisi, almost in Piazza Solferino, definitely nice building.

You do not notice the building, you must know it, the palace once looked directly at one of the most beautiful squares in Torino, but now it is almost buried, obscured, hidden, by a huge and horrible fifteen-story skyscraper built in the 60s’.

Photo gallery: Angels in Turin

I passed by that way under the building thousands of times, and a day like any other, finally I saw them.
They had always been there, watching us, every day.

Certainly they are not the Angels that one is used to imagine, for sure not joyful smiling cherubs, just observe them to feel their pain, fatigue, stress, power.
Are landed Angels, fallen, dirty, exhausted Angels looking down towards the people too busy and hurried passing by every day without care them.

But there is something else, something more, not far from the Angels, about few meters going into Via San Francesco d’Assisi, on the ground, on the sidewalk, there are some strange eyes, slits for the basement’s ventilation, rare kind of deep basement below the building that we here call “infernotto”.
Something really unusual, antique, and unique.

This is probably, once more, an esoteric symbol since we are only a few meters from a building with a beautiful hardwood door with carved Masonic symbols located at Via Alfieri 19, which I also photographed.

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