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The third and final step of the trip in Liguria was the medieval village of Triora.
Triora is really in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the Ligurian hinterland, separated from the sea and from the Piedmont by high hills and mountains covered by dense forests.

Triora is located in the Valle Argentina, 780 above see level on the southern slope of a mountain ridge, has been rated as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
The day was ending, the weather getting worst, but the Triora is definitely really lovely.

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The village of Triora had its origin in the Roman era. Later it became a possession, around the twelfth century, the Earl of Badalucco.
The close proximity policy with Genoa meant that in an act of March 4, 1261, is to sanction the passage of Triora as a new fief of the Republic of Genoa.
The transfer of ownership adds greatly to the country and to the village.

Were created, new boundary walls, the erection of five defensive forts created a sort of fortified, nearly impenetrable, which put a strain on the troops of Emperor Charles IV in the attempted conquest of the village.

After a period of peace from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century, the local history of Triora testimony of the famous witch trials carried out from 1587 to 1589.
Some local women were accused of being the authors of the continuous plagues, acid rain, killing livestock and even cannibalism towards children in diapers.
The process documents and the minutes of interrogation are currently stored at the State Archives of Genoa.

The sentences for alleged witchcraft caused the death of several girls at the stake.

Even today, the country is known for its witch trials which sparked later the same reactions in other villages in Liguria and Italian.

In 1625, the Piedmontese army, led by the House of Savoy, tried in vain to conquer Triora, who strenuously defended their lands, unlike other neighboring countries who surrendered to the House of Savoy.
Following the fall of the Republic of Genoa in 1797 and the establishment of the Ligurian Republic of Napoleon Bonaparte, Triora became an integral part of the Department of Alpes-Maritimes in France.

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