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The Italian region Liguria is a very interesting, especially the hinterland, rich in medieval villages or almost forgotten.
I decided to take a nice hike discovering some, the first of these was Taggia.

The inland area is particularly rich in vegetation and interesting destinations, both in terms of landscape and natural features. With an hour’s drive you can reach the Maritime Alps.

The whole area of the upper valley Argentina is interested in the creation of the Natural Park of the Maritime Alps particularly suitable for walking activities at various levels and the practice of mountain-biking.

Photo gallery: Taggia

The weather was not the best but at least it did not rain.

Once in Taggia I lost myself in the maze of tiny streets in large part half-buried by houses in a continuous succession of small arches. A truly unique architecture typical of these medieval villages of Liguria.

There are signs of pre-Roman era, settlements, the oldest evidence of the place dates back to the tenth century BC, thanks to the discovery of ancient tombs in the area known as “Grange”.
During the Roman Empire, Taggia became the seat of military and a major trading port.

The ancient village of Taggia was destroyed during the barbarian invasions, but what caused the downfall and eventual demise of the site was a landslide in 690.
The inhabitants took refuge in the then new settlement of Taggia, built years before and very well defended.
The fortifications did not prevent taggia’s devastation by the Saracens in 889.

In 1153 the city was rebuilt under the feudal rule of the Clavesana, then transferred to the Republic of Genoa. In 1273 Taggia became a local Podesta, an ally of Genoa, in 1381 also created its own local statutes by giving powers to the Mayor. The Podesta was suppressed in 1797 by Napoleon Bonaparte, who formed the Ligurian Republic.

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