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Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey

After Saluzzo, along with a friend of mine, we went to visit the famous Staffarda Abbey, unfortunately the weather was not the best, it rained all day.
The atmosphere was interesting, the photographs of the Abbey of Staffarda str not bad at all.

The Abbey is not in optimal conditions, especially inside, as we can see in the photographs of the windows.
The atmosphere was quite serene, peaceful and relaxed, suspended in time of a site so rich in history.

Photo gallery: Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey

Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey was built around 1100 on land donated by the Marquis of Saluzzo Manfredo to the Cistercian Order’s monks to make a center of land reclamation for the surrounding countryside.
The Abbey reach in a few decades a considerable economic importance as the place of collection, processing and exchange of the products of the surrounding countryside, made ​​fertile by the monks with extensive and complex land reclamation.

The economic importance of the Abbey brought civil and ecclesiastical privileges, who made reference to the political and social life of the area.
Within a short time, in the Piedmont area, were built four other Cistercian Abbeys.

In this territory, August 18, 1690 took place the bloody battle of Staffarda, among Piedmont of Vittorio Amedeo II of Savoy and the French General Catinat, with extensive damage to architectural structures of Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey.

The French invaded the Abbey destroying the archive, the library, part of the cloister and the refectory.
With the financial help of Vittorio Amedeo II were carried out restoration work on Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey that partially altered the original Gothic style of architecture.

In 1750, by a bull of Pope Benedict XIV, the Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey was entrusted to the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, the order Mauritian, created by the Dukes of Savoy.
The buildings of Santa Maria di Staffarda Abbey present a very complex system building, heavily remodeled in the course of nine centuries.

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