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Turin, Piazza Statuto and fountain of Frejus

The fountain of Frejus located in Piazza Statuto was design by Count Marcello Panissera to commemorate the inauguration of the Frejus tunnel.
It was inaugurated in 1879.

It consists of a pyramid of huge boulders coming right from the excavation of the tunnel, and is surmounted by a winged Genius overlooking the marble statues of the Titans killed: it means the triumph of reason over brutal and animal wild force.

In popular tradition this was the original meaning of the monument in Piazza Statute but people added a second one: the suffering endured by the miners to carry out the hard work.

Photo gallery: Turin, Piazza Statuto and fountain of Frejus

This part of Turin, this Piazza, is located in the west side of the city, where the sun is over, where the darkness start.
It was known by the ancient Romans, not far from the square in fact were crucified convicted and buried their body in a cemetery.
As if that were not enough, in 1865, the square was site of the guillotine.

In September 1865, on the eve of transferring from Turin to Florence Italy’s capital, the square was scene of violent clashes between opponents to the transfer and the Royal Army, which suppressed them harshly doing many casualties among the demonstrators.

During the Second World War it was heavily bombed by the Americans.

These events have definitely established the fact that Piazza Statuto is a square some way cursed, situated on one of the vertices of black magic triangle (the other two should be in London and San Francisco).
In summary, for various historical reasons, Piazza Statuto has never enjoyed a good reputation and this place is indicated by many esoteric as the black heart of the city, and the winged Genius above the pyramid should be actually Lucifer, the most beautiful angel.

The fountain’s central garden leads to the control room of the entire sewer system of the city but the legend says that is also a gateway to hell.
To you the burden and honor to find out.

During period of the Olympic Winter Game, USA Today, cited Piazza Statuto in a article dedicated to Turin and its black side.

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  • this is a very interesting structure. I like how you gave us all the views.

    • Thanks for the comments mates!

      My idea was to have a cloudy heavy sky but nearly impossible the contrast of the lights was enormous probably a nice blue sky could be better.

      Will see probably I will do another set with a perfect blue sky.

  • Interesting monument. It sounds like the area is full of history. I like the detail in the last picture, with the slime running down the arm. It fits in with the expression on the figure’s face.

  • These are great! What kind of gear are you using for these photos?

  • Thanks to all for the reply, I used wide angle Tamron 10-24.

    The place is in Turin, Italy, Piazza Statuto, really near to Porta Susa train station.
    Very easy to find.

    The close up and details have no problems… about the whole structure the contrast dark statue / rocks / sky is really a challenge. ..

  • these are amazing …i love to visit this place

  • That is a pretty wide lens on the first one. What did you use?

    Great captures as always.

  • Exclusive pictures.Tell the way to visit this place.I am interested to see there live.

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