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The second step of the short tour in Liguria, after a quick sandwich, was Dolceacqua a beautiful medieval village in Val Nervia.

The oldest part of Dolceacqua is dominated by the Castle of Doria, the modern town extends on the opposite bank of the river.
A panorama truly distinctive and unmistakable.

Is a picturesque place indeed, Monet made ​​his first visit in Liguria in 1883 together with Renoir, for just fifteen days. He was so impressed by the charm of the places that had just returned to Giverny, immediately showed the desire to go back, in fact, 23 January 1884, Monet was back in Bordighera.

Photo gallery: Dolceacqua

During this journey Monet visited the Riviera reaching also Val Nervia and Dolceacqua, where he painted the bridge with the castle.
Since 2011 Dolceacqua positioned two panels with reproductions of two paintings, the place where Monet positioned his tools and painted.

Several artists have moved into the village of Dolceacqua to find the inspiration and opened several shops and studios.
The tourists there, especially during the summer season, stay in the village and stop few days in this very distinctive and original town.

Dolceacqua seems to exist even in Roman times, archaeological studies confirm fortifications garrisoned already in the fourth century BC, to protect the villages, pastures and fields.
In the twelfth century the Counts of Ventimiglia built the nucleus of the castle, controlling the accesses in the surrounding valleys.
The castle was then bought in 1270 by the Genoese Doria Oberto and expanded in subsequent centuries.

During the conflict between the Guelph and Ghibelline and the rivalry between the Doria family and the Grimaldi of Monaco, in the course of 1524 Dolceacqua asked protection of the House of Savoy who subsequently erected a marquis in 1652.
In 1815 it was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia and later, in 1860, the Kingdom of Italy.

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