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Snowing in Turin

In 2010, we had a good winter in Turin with a lot of rain and some snow, not much, nothing that can stop life of the city.
The elders said that it is easy to find misery under the water, but the bread is under the snow that protects the grain from frost, wise words indeed.

Snowfall, in recent years, in Turin are not very frequent, so I got up quickly and despite the fear of wetting the camera and a crude plastic bag to protect it I headed to the park to take some photos in the snow.

Photo gallery: Snowing in Turin

When I arrived the snow was still falling, and it was quite a problem not getting wet, stay dry, at least keep the camera dry, the dark shapes of trees surrounded by white snow caught my attention, until an orange figure got my lens.

An orange stain surrounded by white, an incredible inspiration to chase and shot immediately before it disappeared.
I was intrigued by the picture of the orange umbrella, by the various changes in the light, the hidden forms of things covered by the white mantle.

But the orange still followed me, one of those cases where it is the picture that comes to you when you do not seek it, it was a girl who was also photographing the spectacle of the snow with a mobile phone.

Back home I find out my cat looked at snowflakes through the window, amazed and curious.
Just a matter of a few hours, just a beautiful morning, a few pictures, and it was all over.

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  • I really like the second picture featuring the orange umbrella (5). It’s much more dynamic, thanks to the pose differing from the first ‘umbrella shot’, and I can just imagine the umbrella being twirled a bit, as the holder is enjoying the wintery sights.

    I find the purse/bag a bit distracting though.

    And number 1 is great, as I love cats – there’s rarely a picture starring a feline I do not enjoy seeing – does that make ‘bad’ pictures of cats good too? Well… Let’s just say that most cats are real posers and work hard to look their best 😉

  • Nice set
    No4 is my favorite, and much prefered to No5

  • The two with theorange umbrella are especially cool.

  • Interesting set. Noit sure ho wthe cat got in there, but the others are really nice. Like #4 the best, very nicely done with the splash of color.

  • Yep … I’m giving the nod to #4 as well. The splash of orange goes very well with the bleak, snowy scene.

  • Yes, very much like the 4th shot also, but as for the cat, I think it is looking out the window as if to say, “What is that stuff falling from the sky?”

  • I reckon it would be nice to experience a snowy winter just once in my life. Not much chance of that where I live though. #4 is my fav from this set, nice comp, love the bright colour of the umbrella too.

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