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Rocca de Baldi

Rocca de Baldi is a small gem located in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont, about 70 km south of Turin and about 15 km northeast of Cuneo.

It is a medieval village quite poorly preserved but very charming.

In the village there is an old castle (XIII century) severely damaged by time in 1600, and restored in 1700, but the small streets and the medieval center of Rocca de Baldi are much more interesting, as you can see in the photos.

The country is immersed in a rarefied atmosphere, a suspension that makes the place really remote despite being a few miles from Mondovi.

Photo gallery: Rocca de Baldi

Rocca de Baldi name derived from the position of the original village, situated on a cliff overlooking the river Pesio, to protect which in the twelfth century, a noble of the House of Morozzo named Ubaldo or Robaldo built the tower which forms the core of the present castle. The place was so called Rupe Ubaldi, the current Rocca de Baldi.

There are really strange streets, medieval ages, with low-picked to protect yourself, to get lost imagining the way of the past.

Having time really the inspiration for photographs in Rocca de Baldi are many, I walked around for few hours in the morning, there was still a bit of snow around, but it was the last of the year and the light was strong.

Above all, I was fascinated by the old wooden doors of Rocca de Baldi and by the low typical arches along the main street, it deserves to get back with more time available.

It is such a shame that this place is not known and almost not considered, but it is far from be uninhabited.
Really it deserves more tourism promotion.

I truly believe that in the future I will organize another trip here, the charm of Rocca de Baldi immersed in the fog in winter should be really cool to be captured in some beautiful image, this really is one of the few cases where I wanted to find bad weather and a light of a totally different type.

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