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Pavia is the capital of a fertile italian province known for agricultural products including wine, rice, cereals and dairy products.

I leave at dawn searching for something new, a medieval city to photograph, so different from the baroque Turin.
Pavia is a town outside the normal popular tour but it really worth a visit if one has a chance.

Pavia dates back to pre-Roman times and was a municipality and an important military site under the Roman Empire.
In 476, Odoacer defeated Flavius ​​Orestes after a long siege, to punish the city that had helped the rival Odoacer destroyed it completely.
However, Orestes was able to escape to Piacenza, where Odoacer followed him and killed him.

Photo gallery: Pavia

Why I’m telling you this? Because these facts are commonly considered the end of the Roman Empire.
Under the Goths, Pavia became a fortified citadel, but was nonetheless conquered by the Lombards becoming the capital of their kingdom (568-774).
It remained the capital of the Italian Kingdom and the center of royal coronations until the diminution of imperial power in the twelfth century.
In 1004 Henry II of Holy Roman Emperor suppressed a revolt in the blood of Pavia’s citizens who questioned his recent coronation as King of Italy.

Pavia fought against the domination of Milan, finally succumbed to the Visconti family, who rulers that city in 1359.
Under the Visconti, the city became an intellectual and artistic center, being from 1361 the University of Pavia founded around the nucleus of the old school of law, which attracted students from many countries.

The Battle of Pavia in 1525 marked a turning point in the fortunes of the city, because by that time, there was a split between the supporters of the Pope and those of the Emperor.
In 1815 the city came under Austrian administration until the Second War of Italian Independence in 1859.

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  • Thank you for all your comments guys!

  • I like that first shot with the mist and the Pavia looks like an interesting structure. What’s it for?

    • The structure was inside a famous church in Pavia called ”Certosa di Pavia” where priests and monks used to live without speaking each other.

  • Really like that first shot also, and that last shot, really nice perspective. Well done.

  • Great set alltogether. Love those shots. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work

  • I to like the first shot. Fog is sooo…!! Anyway love it Gale

  • #5 is my fav. I like the architechture

  • Love the first and fifth especially! Nice series.

  • LOVELY set here! wow way cool scenery. My faves are 1 and 2.

  • What a beautiful pictures T.T I love the two first pictures, it gave me goosebumps when i see it. Maybe it is too exaggerating, but I feel something magical seeing those two pictures.

    It made me remember about the story from Norway about the fairies that dance in a circle and creating fairies circle just like shown in the pictures; I mean the fogs. You are so lucky and talented to witness such gorgeous sight. Very good job, please keep showing your works in this forum, I like to enjoy it ^__^

  • Excellent set! I think 5 is my favorite, it makes me wonder what the story behind the place is.

  • Italy is one of my dream places i wants to visit, pictures are simple excellent, love them

  • 1 and 2 are breath-taking, fogs make the pics so good. Are those HDR-rendered or you just used something on your camera? (I forgot what the mini-lens you put on your camera is called.)

  • Beautiful photographs! But I live in Pavia…
    Ok, they’re really beautiful, particularly the Certosa.

    • Regretfully some monks make trouble to me and did not allow much to take pictures inside, also if we talk about a garden or church in public place.

      • I know it, I went there a couple of times. Some churches and museums are a little jealous… May be they want to sell their own publications…

  • They are just simply amazing Sir! I always admire photographs like these, the place looks very solemn.

    BTW, I wanted to learn photography and I was wondering if I can start learning by just using a point and shoot camera? I am currently looking on a Samsung ES60 right now and just wondering if its a good buy. I can’t afford DSLR right now.

    • lyonevans sure you can start with point and shots…. they make amazing pictures nowadays and are also quite versatile and small….

      eyes come first!

  • Nice photos. Good job.
    I especially like the first, especially the symmetry of the first.

  • Here again!~~
    What’s the name of the flowers in the second pic? They are so beautiful!~

  • I really like ur pics!!Sooooo beautiful!!!
    Italy is my favorite country.I like food and fashion there.lol
    Look forward to ur new pics.Keep taking more and share with us.
    I’m ur fan~lol

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