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Photographing Mondovì was the next step after “Rocca de’Baldi” during my little trip of southern Piedmont.

As you can see from the photos the snow was still everywhere and the winter was not finished yet but the light was not lacking at all, great for photos, maybe less for the atmosphere.

The town of Mondovì, is located on the hillside of “Monte Regale”, and is divided into several wards and squares and can be reached not only by the road but also with a small railroad called “funiculare”” which connects downtown with the upper part of the city on hill. One thing very strange and peculiar, almost unique in its kind.

Photo gallery: Mondovì

Mondovì was founded on that same hill in 1198 by survivors of the village of Bredolo, a village destroyed.
The independence, however, proved to be short because the bishop of Asti and the Marquis of Ceva broke into the city in 1200 and destroyed in 1231.

In 1260 Mondovì was again occupied by Charles I of Anjou, and in 1274 came under the bishop of Asti, but in 1290 Mondovì, however, was able to regain its independence, under the new name of “Mons Regalis” because of its prime location and large size.
In 1305 it fell under the Visconti, then under the Marquis of Monferrato, from 1418 finally became part of the House of Savoy.

A curiosity: the first printing on paper in Piedmont was created just in Mondovì in 1472, between 1560 and 1566 it was the seat of the university Mondovi in Piedmont.

Mondovi then continued to grow until the sixteenth century, when it was the largest city of Piedmont, in 1537 it was occupied by France, until 1559.
In 1560 Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia regained all territory of Piedmont and Mondovi which remained under the House of Savoy until the unification of Italy.

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