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Lugano under ice

I have often had the opportunity to visit Lugano and its mountains in the south of Switzerland, in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino.
I have some friends over there and I am always happy to visit.

Lugano is located on a large lake and is surrounded by majestic mountains. The surroundings are magnificent but the city is just a bunch of banks, as soon as you come out from the city, however, you begin to breathe fresh air and to soak in the beautiful nature and clean air of the Alps.

Photo gallery: Lugano under ice

On this occasion I was testing my Canon 450D visiting this couple of Buddhist friends who live there.
We had a nice ride to the snowy mountains but the cold was really intense.

Since it was January the days were cold and short, but despite this I had the chance to test both the lens: the wide-angle and the zoom.
Not to mention the test “under zero ” of the Canon 450D.

As always we pulled the night talking about everything and as always I was astonished and amazed of how democracy and things works in Switzerland.

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