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Walking in Turin

Living in Turin I like to take long walks in the historic center of the city. I try to see special things in places where normally I walk every day.

The art, in the end, is in the eye of the photographer. I walk the streets I think I know forever, and at some point I find a new image, it’s almost like going hunting for something. It seems incredible, but photography is also about that.

In this portfolio, one of many that will follow, there is a miscellaneous collection of pictures taken years ago learning how to use my Canon 450D, my first digital camera.

To introduce Torino so let’s start from the “Monte dei Cappuccini” a small hill from where the view of the city is magnificent, from here you can admire the symbol of Turin called “Mole Antonelliana”.

It is a strange construction of Antonelli, founded as a project for a Jewish synagogue, now hosting the “Museum of Cinema”.

Photo gallery: Walking in Turin

Just below this small hill, the “Monte dei Cappuccini” there is the Church “the Great Mother of God,” one of the most fascinating places in the city to take photographs.
The arrangement of the statues surrounding the church, the view on Via Po, the perspective, the large river Po which flows at the base, nothing is placed randomly.
Geometries are truly amazing that, too often taken from everyday life, we forget to admire.

One of the statues, as you can see in the photo, he is holding a cup which, according to the esoteric tradition is a clear indication of the presence in Turin of the Holy Grail.
Do not forget, believers or not, that the Shroud of Turin, a relic par excellence of Christ, has always been to Turin.

The other photos were taken in Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Via Po, Piazza San Carlo, Via Pietro Micca, Piazza Solferino.

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  • I would have prefered No1 without the pedestrian right in the middle though.

  • No 3 & 5 for me, love the composition in 3, with the pleasant mix of new and old.

  • Seems like you’re having some nice weather in Turin…

    • I thinking exactly the same, I’ve forgotten what blue sky looks like 🙁

  • They are very professional. Thanks!

  • Sorry but they all look like tourist shots. I went to your website and it does look like travelers blog ( kinda ).

  • a beautiful city – especially this Square. wonderful you are enjoying such weather. i live in a very different climate at the moment. with the close-ups, i like most of all the 2nd one. they are a nice set of three combined. i like also the 1st image posted here..both the woman and the locality are photogenic.

  • Nice pics, it’s always relaxing as inspiring to take a walk and take in everything that surrounds you each and every day.

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