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Turin at sunset in Piazza Solferino

It is one of the most famous and historical Piazza’s in Turin, Piazza Solferino is situated in the busy city center.

The realization of Piazza Solferino began in the second half of the nineteenth century, after the dismantling of the fortifications of the Citadel of Turin in 1852.

The main decoration of the square is the fountain “Angelica” with four groups of statues related to the four seasons.

Photo gallery: Turin at sunset in Piazza Solferino

The fountain “Angelica”, was placed in 1930 and consists of four groups of statues that recall the four seasons. It was wanted by the mayor Riccardo Cattaneo. It was built following the design of sculptor Giovanni Riva, was built also thanks to the funding from the Minister Paolo Baiotti and so was named after the mother of the latter.
In the first place it was decided to place it in front of the cathedral in Piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Solferino was chosen lately because it represented a better scenario to contain it.

The esoteric legend says that among the statues there is a magic door, a door to the infinite, something curious that has been reported also on a article published by USA Today.

In the square there is also the equestrian statue of Ferdinand of Savoy when, during the Battle of Bicocca in 1849, where his horse was mortally wounded. The work was created by sculptor Alfonso Balzico.

At the center of the square you can see the horror of the Atrium pavilions designed by Giugiaro and immediately fell into disuse after the Olympic Winter Games of Torino 2006, for which was created to host the Sponsor Village, a space for the main sponsors of the Olympic Winter Games.

I live in Turin, in a small street just at the back of Piazza Solferino, one day I noted the Atrium reflecting images from the trees during a sunset.
So I went home to take my Canon 450D and started taking the photos you see.

NOTE: as of today (2014) Piazza Solferino has been completely restored, there is no longer the Atrium (dismantled) but an underground parking; finally the plants can grow freely again.

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  • Great shots. The pics are all amazing but the second picture was perfect. Keep it up.

  • I love the first picture! Very nice shot…

    I like the first picture of devonshire as well.. the colors are perfect!

  • I like #10 makes me want an UWA lens!!

    • Yeah Im toying with the idea of a uwa. Maybe a 16-35 or 17-40. Probably the latter due to cost! Which lens did you use?

      • I use 10-24 Tamron lens…

        Guys is just amazing use UWA believe me it worth the cost, experientially when you shot inside a house or in a museum or in a ancient ruins wherever you have no space to move around.

        Beside that, also if space is not a problem, the visual effect that you have is really interesting.

        Must be used carefully anyway because distortion is not ALWAYS right. :mrgreen:

  • Like these, lighting I guess was a bit of an issue. I have given them a tweak. As for the reflections I like them too but I think they need to be more symmetrical to work try getting the glass dead centre in the frame.

  • Good use of the wide angle there. As photos, they are uninspiring to me. The light is a bit flat. In the first, the subject isn’t well lit at all, the sun is behind it. Looking at some of the reflections, you have gone out at the right time because the trees seem to have a nice golden light on them. I just don’t think you’ve used it to it’s advantage.

    • Thanks for the comment, actually the idea on the first one is the opposite… just a black figuren and the sun behind… there is too much light already on the subject in my opinion 🙂

      About the reflection are nothing special of course but cute somehow…. 🙂

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