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Sacra di San Michele

The Sacra di San Michele was one of the most celebrated Benedictine abbeys in northern Italy and in the province of Turin. According to historians, in the Roman era, there was already a military stronghold on the current position of the Sacra di San Michele, to control the main road leading from Gaul to Italy.

It is one of the greatest architectural buildings in Europe between those of the Romanesque period.

When I visited the Sacra di San Michele was going on a big renovation, so I could not take advantage of all the photographic potential of the place because some prospects and walls were covered from pylons.

The work is still quite good, considering the almost total absence of light in the interior the digital camera has done wonders. I intend to return for a second photo shoot in which I want to pick the abbey from afar, immersed in its place.

Photo gallery: Sacra di San Michele

The abbey was founded among 983 A.D. and 987 A.D. because of the needs and culture of the pilgrims of that time, soon became an important spiritual center and a great crossroads of cultural exchange, a goal of many and frequent visits. A special law of the Piedmont Region defines the Sacra di San Michele “the symbolic monument of the Piedmont Region” and is under the special management Fathers Rosminiani.

The New Monastery of the Sacra di San Michele, now in ruins, was built on the north side and had all the facilities necessary to the life of many dozens of monks. Of this building now remains just ruins overlooking the valley “Val di Susa”.

Stands, of all the ruins, a tower called “bell’Alda”, the subject of a fascinating legend: a young girl, the beauty “Alda”, wanting to escape from the capture of some soldiers of fortune, found herself on the top of the tower.
After praying, desperate, chose to jump from the tower rather than get caught; so the angels came to the rescue her and miraculously she landed unhurt. The legend, however, goes on to narrate that to demonstrate to her fellow villagers what had happened, she tried again the fly from the tower, but because the vanity of the gesture she died.

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