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Roero and its paths

Finally another chance to get back on the trails of Roero, but this time with my Canon.

It is a beautiful region of Piedmont in the north-eastern province of Cuneo.

The area is a quite popular tourist destination because the eno-gastronomic and cultural center plus the many castles and ancient villages that make this small area rich in history, typical products, wines of the highest quality.

Now has proposed to nominate the Roero (together with Langhe) in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Photo Gallery: Roero and its paths

The area was inhabited in Roman times, due to the thriving viticulture, Roero, however, is disputed land between the various factions operating in Piedmont in the Middle Ages, between these particular influence was the family that gave the area its name, the family of Roero .

But the key element in this tour is the unique landscape of the Roero that I decided to follow by the paths, is the famous geological formation called “Le Rocche del Roero”

As you can see in some photos a huge erosion dominates the hills, this erosion was caused by the combination of a very fragile sandstone and the river Tanaro that diverting its course 250,000 years ago accelerating the normal erosion process. This event has created deep canyons and picturesque sand walls, once sandy bottoms of an ocean.

Because of the geography and the particular geology of Roero you may notice different microclimates distributed in a few hundred meters above sea level, a typical dry vegetation on the ridges, standing water and wet marsh habitat in the bottom of the gorge, as well as forests of chestnut trees.

Walking with a friend of mine we got lost, as usual, but in the end we found and photographed the “Castagna Granda” the oldest and largest chestnut tree dated 400 years.

NOTE: as of today (2014) the Roero and Langhe were named in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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