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Noli and its colors

Noli is a small and charming medieval village in Liguria, located about 50 km from Genoa.
The picturesque town, beside numerous private beach and a free beach, has many interesting things to visit, such as the remains of ancient towers, a castle and Romanesque churches.

I was born in October and in June I was already swimming in this sea, I learned to swim in Noli first and then learned to walk. I spent holidays on these beaches with my grandparents until I was fourteen years old, so I have great memories and images of this place in my mind.

During a weekend I happily discovered once again this beautiful place and luckily I was ready with my new Canon to take pictures.

It was just after a storm, the light and colors of the pictures are amazing. But in addition to the photographs I’m going to tell you now something about Noli.

Photo gallery: Noli and its colors

In the sixth and seventh century the town was residence of an important religious community evidenced by a baptistery in the area of the church of San Paragorio.
Noli in 1097 A.D. took part in the first crusade that made gain political advantage and trade. In 1192 A.D. the town reached full municipal autonomy as “Republic of Noli” that maintained until 1797.

The expansion of the “Republic of Noli” lasted until the end of the fourteenth century when the small harbor, which offered shelter and stability throughout the Middle Ages, it turned out inadequate for the important trades of the time, leading to an isolation Noli, sailors soon turned into simple fishermen. Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Noli and his small “Republic” knew political difficulties, internal and external. The Napoleonic war of 1797, finally put an end to Noli’s sovereignty.

With the French domination the territory of Noli turned from 2 December 1797 in the “Department of Letimbro” with capital Savona, incorporating the former “Republic of Noli” in the “Ligurian Republic”.
In 1815 Noli was incorporated into the Kingdom of Sardinia, as established the Congress of Vienna in 1814; and later in the Kingdom of Italy.

Today Noli is a fishing village on the Ligurian Sea, a charming town that attracts tourists and travelers.

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  • I like photography and i think Italy is a good suggestion for photography. Thanks for giving me this amazing post.

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  • Thank you for all the comments guys! :mrgreen:

  • Really like the bike, I think it would make a brilliant print

  • Really excellent composition in most and the umbrella photo is a really needed splash of colour.

  • last one for me, just like a couple standing watching the ocean, nice one 🙂

  • I like #18 so different from anything I’ll ever see around here.

  • Great shots – but especially the “srceaming” bird. What was he talking to you?

  • It is a very interesting set. I too like the bird with his mouth open. Looks like he’s screeching at you “go away!”

    And I agree with MA on the last one as well. The birds without the breaking wave would have been less interesting. With the breaking wave it’s a great shot.

    Nice work!

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  • Living in the States, European architecture is always intriguing, like in the first shot. Fantastic composition and a nice sense of perspective. The light is a bit diffuse; I wonder if the same scene was taken at a different time of day whether the contrast would increase and things would look a bit more dramatic?

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