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Crete central zone

After more than a week in the western part of Crete it was time to move and take some photos of the central area, in fact the second reason which I decided to visit the island its history.

The charm of Greece, everywhere, is offering the beauty of its sea associated with its millennial history.
In the case of Crete, we speak of a civilization dating back over two thousand years before Christ.

Apart from this, we can not forget the Venetian and Arab vestiges in various cities on the northern coast of the island.

I really wanted to have more time to take photos and visit the eastern part of the island I voluntarily left it for the next trip, I hope I will be back in Crete sooner or later.

Photo gallery: Central Crete

Direction towards Heraklion and Knosso therefore, but not only, the stops between was  many: Moni Preveli, the central mountainous area of the island and the deep gorges of Samaria, Rethymno,  the necropolis of Armenia

The Minoan civilization has been such a civilization that was able to erect two-storey buildings and produce an unparalleled refinement for art and painting, copied and followed for centuries and centuries from all over Greece and the rest of the Mediterranean world.

In Iraklio we were waiting for the palace of Knosso but also a wonderful archaeological museum, then greeting the island direction to Athens by ship.

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