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One year ago in Paris

Some shots of a very nice holiday in Paris, definitely a wonderful city.

I left the photos waiting to be published far too long, I arrived in the city a week before New Year in 2015 and left the same day, few hours before, the horrific attack on the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo.

Today, after one year, I find myself to see on Tv once again blood in the streets of the capital of Europe.
This is probably why I decided to upload the photos online now and I will plan to return to Paris and visit what I have not done yet. They will never win.

Photo gallery: one year ago in Paris

They are just shots with no intention whatsoever to represent in a few images such a city, an entire book would not be enough.

We have here some street photos, the Abbey of Saint Germain des Prés, the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, the center Georges Pompidou, the Louvre with the assault to the Mona Lisa.

Paris has more than two million inhabitants, after London, Berlin, Madrid and Rome, the fifth most populous municipality in the European Union and, and has one of the highest population densities. With over 28 million tourists a year, Paris is the most visited city in the world.

Inheriting the history of a colonial empire which has expanded on five continents, is regarded as the center of the French-speaking world and has maintained a major international.

The city is located on a bend of the Seine, the center of the main land and river trade which allowed Paris to become one of the most influential cities of France.
Paris has managed a decisive influence on politics, culture, way of life and the economy of the Western world. In the thirteenth century it gave great impetus to the revival of arts and knowledge thanks to the presence of the prestigious Sorbonne University in the Latin Quarter.

Paris contains numerous monuments of huge historical and artistic value as symbol of western culture and prestige in the world.

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There are 10 comments for these photos

  • one reason I shun crowds :D. can almost feel the intensity of the crowd trying to photo the Lisa nicely caught

  • Interesting shoot especially your last image… One has to appreciate the face-book, been there done that sharing see, I was there mentality…

  • Paris truly is the city of light. I fell in love with that city when I was there.
    Amazing how many people try to get a picture of the Mona Lisa, when they can view it online, at their leisure.

  • My goodness – stunning images.

  • Hi there, thanks for the comment the people standing at the Monalisa are quite a ‘normal’ situation near christmas or new year eve.

    Consider that every single visitor in Paris does not want miss Louvre and inside Louvre the Monalisa.

    You should spend one full week to visit the Louvre is HUGE.

    Today with cellphone the mess in all museums is a nightmare, everyone stops there and want to make their own photos, just few year ago that was not possible or allowed and not EVERY SINGLE ONE have a camera.

    Anyway Paris is always Paris so God bless them in those dark days!

  • Nice perspectives of a nice city, although never been there. So there were actually that many people looking at the Mona Lisa? is that a normal “crowd” there? because that is pretty crazy…

  • A nice series of a lovely city.

  • Nice shots , like the 5th one best. I remember standing in front of that Mona Lisa but not as many people there and we did not have smart phones.

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