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Geometries of Eiffel Tower

I faced hours of queue visiting Eiffel Tower but is always an unforgettable experience.
I propose several photos to a subject that certainly is among the most shooted in the world. So I tried to follow with photos about the incredible geometries.

The Eiffel Tower is known worldwide as a symbol of the city and of France itself.

Built from 1887 to 1889 for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, which was held in Paris to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution, Eiffel Tower was named after its designer, engineer Gustave Eiffel Alexandre.

Eiffel Tower is visited each year by an average of about five and a half million tourists. Since it was opened in 1889, it was visited by 250 million people.

Photo gallery: Geometries of Eiffel Tower

When it was built, there was resistance from the public, they thought it wa not a nice structure aesthetically speaking.
In 1909, the Eiffel Tower was in danger of being demolished because challenged by artists and writers of the time, but was fortunately spared because it was an ideal platform to new and emerging science of telegraphy.

Eiffel had been allowed to leave the tower standing for 20 years, but thinking about the great utility of this facility for scientific studies it remained for future generations.

Eiffel soon felt compelled to find the scientific usefulness to its tower, as meteorological measurements, analysis. Research that led to the installation of a barometer, a lightning rods and of an apparatus for wireless telegraphy. Would not it be only an object of curiosity to the public, both during and after the show, but Eiffel Tower made services to science and national defense.

Generally considered one of the best examples of art in architecture it is unquestionably one of the most representative symbols of Paris in the world.

Eiffel Tower, with its 324m is the highest bulding in Paris, maintained the record of tallest building in the world until 1930, when it was completed the Chrysler Building in New York.
To climb to the top there are two possibilities: the 1,665 stairs or two transparent lifts. The mechanisms of the elevators are the original ones of 1889 and they run, through a year, 100.000 km.

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  • I really had a good time enjoying the diverse views your eye got on
    this subject and the very good renditions, thanks for the pleasure.

  • You’ve done well showing POV’s rarely seen…

  • Definitely not average touristy shots! Is image #2 part of the elevator mechanism?

  • Your hours in the queue definitely paid of with excellent images. I would be hard pressed to select a favorite.

  • The photos themselves look great. I especially like the first one. I also like the one of the wheel. I’m assuming that’s one of the elevator pulleys.

    However, I am going to say what I said the first time I ever laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower up close. It looks absolutely beautiful from a distance. Up close…it looks like scaffolding. That being said, you’ve still managed to pique my interest with these photos. I also like the unique perspective and zig zag of the stairs in the one.

    Overall an excellent job. It’s not often I miss France.

  • Interesting series and perspective, enjoyed your perspective.

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