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Cannes abstract

A short break by the sea, in Cannes, during a long convalescence healing from a bad fracture to heel.
In October the incident happened on a mountain bike down from the hill of Turin, a winter and spring very hard to overcome, but finally a week in June insolitamete hot, like the sea.

Photo gallery: Cannes abstract

In spite of the sand it could not miss my Canon 450, so I started to chase the graphics, objects, things not normally observed and considered sort of trivial.
And here’s colors, geometric lines, abstractions that you follow by the sea.

I’m not really a fan of the Riviera, luxury tourism, casinos and whatever is in the area but it is undeniably a quiet place, especially the periphery and Cannes-La-Bocca.

I wonder what it was like in the past, a place known as Canua, by the word “Cane”, a marshland, a small Ligurian port and later on a Roman outpost on Le Suquet hill.

I hope photographs do not displeasing, do not forget to comment!

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