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Google AdWords campaigns and Web Marketing services

I can follow you, also through other professionals, about:

  • Preliminary analysis of keywords and competitors
  • Setting up and managing your Google AdWords account
  • Keywords search
  • Planning for structuring and creating advertisement groups
  • Landing Pages realization
  • Monitoring and analysis of data
  • Integration of advertisement with new keywords

What we’re talking about

Google AdWords is an online advertising service, a very interesting tool to bring qualified traffic to your Web site.
Unlike traditional advertising systems, Google AdWords shows ads related to what you’re looking for at that precise moment.
The selected ads are displayed through appropriate spaces cut out on the usual search results page.
A Web site that uses Google AdWords will be usually placed in the section above or below the organic results, or in the column on the right side.

Google AdWords Campaigns

How Google AdWords works

It is a pay-per-click system where advertisers write an ad, specify a list of keywords, a daily budget, a cost per single click that they are willing to pay.
When a Web user types in the search bar one of the specified keywords, the ad is shown in the search results page.

The position of the inserted ad, and the frequency with which it is displayed, depend mainly by other advertisers that are also publishing ads for the same keyword in the same period of time.

It follows that, in this sort of online auction, more competitive is a keyword more expensive is to be present with your own ads.

Regarding the positioning and the frequency of ads, must be also noted the ‘quality score’ a sort of relevance index that Google considers showing ads according to the searches made.

For each click received, the price set previously is paid by the advertiser, this price is then removed from the budget available, once the budget is over the ads are no longer online.

Easy or not?

Creating a campaign on Google AdWords is quite simple: just create an ad, associate the right keywords and set a daily budget.
But how much to spend per day? What kind of ads do you create? What is the ideal keyword number for each ad? For how long to go on?
To maximize the effectiveness of the economic effort and reduce the cost per click, a good optimization job is essential.
This is done by a continuous analysis, comparison, changes and adjustments.

To come out from the data provided by Google AdWords it is essential to have excellent analysis and planning skills, taking into account the type of campaign, the market, the objectives and the budget available.
This is why it is often better to rely on a professional, with a good optimization can greatly increase the number of visits for the same budget, in several cases this work pays off itself.

Google AdWords Campaigns

Why create campaigns on Google AdWords

It is not enough create a Web site modern, captivating, fully functional; you have to be in the right place at the right time to be found. This has become the main goal of both large and small businesses.
The success of Google AdWords is determined by the ability to direct messages to people who have already expressed an interest and who have already done a search for our keywords in the past. Requests can be intercepted exactly when they occur through Web searches.

Through specific options Google AdWords allows us to decide how to address messages obtaining selected traffic, for example visitors few kilometers away, or from people living in another country in Europe, or in another continent.
For each published ad you can check how many times it appeared (the impressions), the number of clicks received, the percentage ratio between impressions and clicks (called CTR).

With Google AdWords, you can monitor the effectiveness of your ads and keywords, create multiple versions of the same ad, change your settings to achieve better results by keeping only the best performing ads active.
It is a highly flexible tool that allows us to modify, suspend or delete advertising campaigns at any time. It also allows us to increase or decrease the daily budget allocated and there are no fixed costs, is an instrument accessible to everyone.

The times to reach a certain authority and be positioned among the first trough the organic results, are really very long. Google AdWords does not exempt us from doing a good SEO job but, especially when starting a Web project, it can be the right boost. Advertising campaigns on Google AdWords are the most immediate way to attract visitors to Web sites, launch a new product, collect subscribers or increase sales.

How to design campaigns on Google AdWords

The network

You can choose the search network (the ads will be displayed alongside or above the other search results) or the display network (the ads will be visible on all those sites that host Google advertising).
The first channel is useful to reach those customers who reveal a precise and timely need by querying the search engine.
The second channel is preferable to intercept public that shows an interest for a certain topic surfing the Web

Google AdWords Campaigns

The keywords

Surely one of the most delicate phases is the choice of search terms that will make ads visible on Google.
The selection of the keywords can not be separated from a careful study of the sector, more detailed the work will be better the results will be.
We must identify the needs and interests of our potential customers, understand what the typical customer would look for on Google.
The success of an AdWords campaign is strictly linked to the quality of the keywords on which decide to bet, it is important to carry out periodic searches to find out new keywords and to identify the irrelevant terms (negative keywords).

Ads groups

The effectiveness of a Google AdWords campaign is also determined by the quality of ads that must be written using a title and a description aimed to capture attention.
Grouping ads dividing them by topic helps to clearly understand the direction that marketing is taking. It is possible plan multiple campaigns at the same time and, for each of these, differentiate the types of ads depending on the specific category of product/service or on the specific customers target to be reached.

Landing Pages

Usually is not a good idea to direct visitors on the main page of the website, it would not certainly be a page that is finalized and focused on presenting a certain product or service.
Specific pages, called Landing Pages, must be created, pages where users will land once they click on the ads.
They must be simple pages, light, just present one offer, and clearly tell the visitor what to do next (for example with a button to subscribe a newsletter, buy a product, ask for a quote etc … )

The budget

The last thing that must be done is to set a daily budget, the top amount the system can use and spent in a day, maybe will not be used all the amount.
Remember that you only pay when users clicks on your ads and not when ads appears at the top of the search page.

Google AdWords Campaigns


The campaign is active and ads are finally online, but the work is not finished at all. It is necessary to monitor the performances of each campaigns, verify them, modify the ads and eliminate those that do not perform well. Not doing it simply means throwing money.

How much is an AdWords campaign

Google AdWords is accessible to everyone, the investment can go from a few euros to hundreds of euros a day. If you manage a campaign by yourself this will be the only cost, anyway must be added the time spent and will not be a little if you really want results.

Deciding to contact someone to manage an AdWords campaign, the monthly cost can range from a few hundred euros for advice up to thousands of euros for a complete management of multiple campaigns. In this case I always recommend to request a detailed quote and full access to the data so everything can be checked.
There is no maximum or a minimum budget to spend or that is reasonable to spend, should be considered only the return of investment (ROI). If the campaigns do not lead to anything and do not produce revenues from the business or directly from the website even just one euro spent is one euro lost.

Ho avuto il piacere di lavorare con Corrado per la realizzazione di un sito web destinato ai mercati esteri e si è rivelato un affidabile partner professionale, risolvendo molti problemi grazie a un approccio metodico e ad alcune brillanti intuizioni. Una eccellente padronanza di WordPress, molta esperienza e la passione per la fotografia completano un profilo che potremmo definire poliedrico.
Antonella Orecchia
Antonella Orecchia
12:51 24 Jun 18
Ho lavorato con Corrado a più progetti e il risultato? Mai delusa! Lavorare con Corrado vuol dire affidarsi ad un professionista del web dove precisione, affidabilità, problem solving e disponibilità sono sempre presenti. Per progetti web, e-commerce, manutenzione siti e anche di fronte ad un problema con Corrado la soluzione si trova sempre.
Silvia Caruso
Silvia Caruso
09:32 19 Mar 18
Corrado, oltre ad essere un mio amico ed essere una piacevolissima persona, è un bravo professionista che ha realizzato il mio sito Internet con serietà, rapidità ed efficienza
Jacopo Giambrone
Jacopo Giambrone
14:44 12 Mar 18
Per Comufficio, associazione nazionale di settore, Corrado è uno dei migliori docenti di tematiche inerenti il web. In genere i suoi corsi hanno il tutto esaurito e spesso devono essere replicati, chiaro segno di apprezzamento. Grazie Corrado e a presto.
Giacomo Biemmi
Giacomo Biemmi
17:52 09 Mar 18
Corrado è una persona squisita ed un professionista molto serio e preparato. Puntuale e disponibile ci ha supportato in modo impeccabile per la realizzazione del sito
Ma Pe
Ma Pe
16:42 09 Mar 18
Docente e collaboratore Sinervis Consulting professionale, assolutamente competente .Web Developer preparato, in grado di comunicare al meglio i concetti utili alla formazione del cliente.
Davide Lazzarotto
Davide Lazzarotto
16:37 08 Mar 17
Dopo un'esperienza lavorativa con una web agency che non a saputo gestire efficacemente il nostro sito, abbiamo cercato un'alternativa e tra le varie scelte c'era anche quella del dott. Corrado Prever.Si è rivelata una persona puntuale, semplice in quanto ha saputo descriverci il progetto in modo preciso e facendoci ben capire quale fosse la strategia che aveva in mente per noi. Un vero professionista che raccomanderei!
chiara gatta
chiara gatta
16:00 08 Mar 17
Lo studio Ghidini, Girino & Associati, di cui sono associato, ha affidato al Dottor Prever la realizzazione tecnica e l’aggiornamento del proprio sito Internet. Abbiamo riscontrato che il Dottor Prever ha svolto e continua a svolgere l’incarico con cura, precisione e tempestività. Massima affidabilità.
Roberto Pavia
Roberto Pavia
10:33 20 Jan 17
È la prima volta che lavoro con Corrado e sicuramente ci saranno altre occasioni. Rapido, puntuale, capace di risolvere problemi all’ultimo momento e di soddisfare ogni richiesta, anche la più assurda, cosa che accade molto spesso in questo campo. Chiaro nelle spiegazioni e meticoloso nella lavorazione. Un professionista serio e affidabile. Grazie Corrado!
Francesco Copelli
Francesco Copelli
14:24 02 Jan 17
Corrado Prever é in grado di soddisfare ogni esigenza per la realizzazione di siti web. Personalmente ho fatto due siti con lui molto diversi per esigenze e tecniche. Corrado si rivela attento , scrupoloso , meticoloso , molto preciso oltre che essere assolutamente serio ed onesto. Un esempio erudito , sensibile alle esigenze del cliente ma soprattutto di rara etica e professionalità .
Daniela Sellone
Daniela Sellone
14:02 31 Mar 16
Dalla mia esperienza posso certamente affermare che si tratta di persona competente, professionalmente molto serio e preparato. Rapido nei tempi, esauriente nelle risposte,affidabile nei consigli.
Manola Delpero
Manola Delpero
13:12 26 Mar 16
Nella giungla dei sedicenti esperti informatici, Corrado fa la differenza per serietà, competenze e qualità.
Lorenzo Barberis
Lorenzo Barberis
07:37 22 Mar 16
L'attenzione per i particolari, la ricerca delle soluzioni migliori - anche quando non sono quelle più a portata di mano, la completa personalizzazione di ogni progetto, nella migliore accezione di quell'artigianalità "Made in Italy" ben diversa dalle catene di montaggio ormai diffuse anche fra le Company che si occupano di realizzazione di siti web.Con Corrado è stato possibile dialogare e costruire insieme, sia quando a monte avevo soltanto un'idea, sia quando si trattava di realizzare concretamente un progetto che avevo in testa bello e finito.Un dialogo professionale e costruttivo che, a partire dal 2009, ha portato alla nascita e poi alla crescita dell'intero network telematico dell'associazione culturale della quale sono presidente e che ora annovera 6 siti web di grande successo nell'ambito della divulgazione scientifica.
Franco Rosso
Franco Rosso
21:52 03 Mar 16
Corrado è uno web developer professionale e capace, con una buona dose di umiltà e pazienza e con una volontà che lo rende capace di creare e trasformare qualsiasi cosa. Preciso e meticoloso è il partner ideale per qualsiasi progetto.
Laura Copelli
Laura Copelli
08:41 21 Jan 16
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