logo-sito Web sites creation and development of Internet projects in Turin

Web sites creation and development of Internet projects in Turin

I work in Turin Developing and creating Web sites for individuals, organizations and associations, artists, and companies. I follow the real needs of my clients, helping them thanks to years of experience.

Web sites I create are customized making from scratch a responsive template compatible with WordPress; visitors will be able to enjoy an original Web site that can be enjoyed with any device from tablet to smartphone.

I try to find the right compromises between the graphic aspect and Web Performance. From the beginning I take care of SEO optimization of the Web site considering correct structuring of the contents, presence of the keywords in the essential Html tags, W3C validation.

Realization of full customized Web sites in Turin

Creation of Web sites must lead to a harmonious, original, optimized product, also working on tablets and smartphones.
The websites I develop are customized following a ‘tailor made’ approach and the client’s needs.

Online webinar and high level IT training

After a Web site creation, I am always available to follow training about the product in order to make customers as independent as possible in daily management of the Website purchased. In my quote I always include several hours of training.

SEO analysis and optimization for Web sites positioning

Already in the implementation stage of a Web site development I take into consideration and analyze every element in the code with a SEO rilevance, the correct structuring of the contents, the network of internal links, the external links, the geographic location.

Web Performance analysis and speed improvement

Creating a Web site I try to find the right compromises between speed, graphics, animations, images. Web Performances are today one of the most critical factors regarding the Web sites positioning and the optimal functioning.


W3C validation and website compliance

W3C validation means being able to demonstrate professionalism and competence; from those who design the Web site and those commissioning it, a company that pays due attention to quality and user experience.

Campaigns on Google AdWords and Web marketing services

Being in the right place at the right time is the goal of Google AdWords campaigns. Success is determined by the possibility of directing their messages to people who have already expressed an interest.

Restyling and update of Web sites in Turin

Have you already created your own Web site in WordPress? The site does not work well, does not it work at all? Can not customize it as you would like? Do you want to refresh your image? Even Web sites get older, we can improve it or do it completely.

Web site maintenance and full assistance in Turin

Creating a Web site, completing it on schedule, opening it to visitors is just the beginning of a long and exciting path both technical and creative. This commitment for me does not end with the delivery date, you will have a full year of maintenance.

Photography for Web sites and e-commerce products

A Web site fitted with images and photographs created in a professional way is certainly more engaging conveying positive emotions in visitors. If we are talking of e-commerce Website is a real crucial point for online sales.

Some Web sites I made

For a company or a professional it is unthinkable today not to ask for a customized and high quality Web site, even if only for a question of brand and representation.

On the other hand e-commerce business and creation of e-commerce Web sites is a market sector constantly and regularly growing, even in Italy, where it has finally won the traditional mistrust towards electronic payment systems and credit cards.

It is better to underline that there are various levels of implementation of a Web site, today more than ever it is really a diversified product; if in some cases resources are limited experience of those are in the industry since years can really make the difference getting the best out from the available budget.

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