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Realization of Web sites and accurate Web design on all devices

Websites realization for companies and enterprises must lead to company websites well done, consistent, running on various devices such as Tablet and Smartphone, immediately create a good image, and has become an indispensable tool to capture new customers and introduce companies.

Today is just unthinkable for a company not to have and manage a professional website, even if only talk about brand and representation.

On the Internet there are several solutions different from each other, solutions often very artistic but usually not very functional which can easily attract attention, but also easily ineffective for the target addressed by the website planned. Not to mention difficulties comparing quotes and costs.

Budgets available for a small company usually are not high and must be optimized trying to achieve effective results.

My goal is to find the balance between budget, objectives, ease management, product stability. Using Word Press as a CMS platform and integrating it with my custom layouts I’m able to provide to a company a dynamic website, really versatile and functional and of course visible properly on mobile devices.


Creation of Web sites and versatile solutions for e-commerce and online sales

Creation of websites for e-commerce and sale online is a sector that is not experiencing crisis but regular growth, even in Italy and also Turin where finally people won the traditional distrust of electronic payment systems and credit cards.

In websites realization for e-commerce we must carefully focus on reasons which push or can push customers to choose to buy on e-commerce websites rather than in a traditional stores.

An e-commerce website it works and is remunerative if you are talking about selling a niche product, something very hard to find, or if you come out with prices really competitive.
Once you have identified the right target and the right business you must care a lot about websites realization for e-commerce designing an e-commerce website really welcoming for the customer.

There must be a simple and intuitive navigation, it should be piqued up the interest with related products, and can not miss a good search tool with filters to help customers to find out immediately what they are looking for.

Making websites for e-commerce and sale online I use WooCommerce, a plugin for Word Press dedicated to electronic commerce. It is an open source solution, with low costs, easy to handle even for the less expert user.


Web Design and websites tailored for professionals and artist

Usually are professionals or artists, who decide to have their own personal website. The common feature realizing websites for professionals is to present their activities.
For a professional to promote own business through a website hides often traps in which is quite easy to stumble in for this reason should ask for help to a trustable resource like a freelance.

In these cases the economic resources are usually very limited and professionals can be tempted using one of the many online services that allow ready made website creation.
With few clicks and modest investments it is possible to register a domain and have access to a user interface that allows to upload contents.

If we are lucky the product will be one of many, without anything that allows it to be noticed, exactly the opposite of what a personal website should strive for: to be unique.

A site uncared for, dispersive, inaccurate, just patched, does not attract users and is likely to harm compromising all efforts already done.

The content must be characterized by a simple and understandable language, avoiding pages of just text or the use of too small or not linear fonts. Must avoid complicated paths and structured access, access to important pages must be visible and direct, to avoid wasting time by users.


Restyling updating assistance and maintenance of your Web sites

Create a Web site, make it on time, complete, open it to visitors for me it is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey,
For a Web Developer it is a certainly technical course but also very creative.

I never abandon a site and for this I already provide in the budget several months Web site maintenance and free modifications.
I want follow things in person carrying out the project and following the Web Development and future upgrades.
In addition to the main construction I suggest later, without obligation, an annual contract for maintenance, assistance and update of what we started together.

You have your own website in Word Press? The site does not work well, or does not work at all? You can not customize it as you would like? Do you want to remake it completely? You have to update it?

I can help you with restyling of old websites customization and upgrade of themes and plugins, installation, configuration and updating of Word Press and much more.

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